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Work Desk

You are not tired, you are hard each day.

What I do ?

I have over 9 years of experience working in the IT/ITES industry. Say I am techy who is eager to learn latest technologies coming in the IT/ITES sector like networking CISCO, Juniper, NOKIA, Security Devices ASA, PALOALTO, Virtualization, etc.

Right now preparing for a repository for the networking guys on GitHub so that I can help so many people with my little knowledge,

I was started my career as an IT Trainer at the beginning which taught me a lot and raises my personality traits from zero to a higher level with help of which I got success a bit and holding a nice profile in a world-renowned MNC.

Yes, I am having nice taste buds which make me a food junky up to an extent because of which I go in trouble sometimes as my colleagues and friends ask me to cook for them.

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