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DACWAY IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

I am helping this organization with its IT infrastructural needs and all of the IT support for their environment, like Networking, Servers, Cloud migration, etc.

  • Any kind of required IT needs I am providing them technical consultancy.

  • I am responsible for designing, setting up, and maintaining computer networks at either an organization or client location of DACWAY.

  • Manage and administer technical issues for customers in a team.

  • Identify and fix all onsite infrastructure issues.

  • Maintain IT infrastructure documentation.

  • Analyze and coordinate network documentation with account managers.

  • Propose and implement the latest technology for increased network productivity.

LEARNING Bond Training & IT Solutions:-

  • I am providing consultation for the training and technology part of the company and also working for them as an IT Trainer for CCNA/CCNP and other pieces of stuff

  • Helping them to crack deals on training and as well as IT solutions for their IT infrastructure

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