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Project | 01
Project 01 | Fresh Grad Growing as an IT Trainer 😊

​I completed my graduation as in Bachelor's in Technology with the stream of Computer Science and Technology with respectable grades, and as fresh grad got a job to teach some new fresh grads to make them good for their job, and became an IT Trainer with one of the reputed organization of Pune, Maharashtra, India. 

After that I got the guidance of my mentor Mr. Anil Mohane, Prashant Pokarna, Sushant Gadekar these are the people who are best known in their fields and they taught me so many lessons of IT and as well as the life which helped me to handle the hurdles in the coming two big years. 

Project | 02
Project 02 | IT Trainer to an IPv6 Expert 

This was the year I heard the news that IPv6 is coming and this is the technology that is going to help all the netizens in the coming future and everyone will be able to utilize this technology to an extreme extent.

Got an offer from one of the small but a place to learn so much in this field, so this was the time to move ahead one more step and join this firm named Zealot IT Solutions now known as Proinf in Hyderabad.

In the same context gone to Bengaluru and learn this steemed technology having so much hype in the market of IT Industry i.e. IPv6.

Got the guidance of two geniuses in my life they are Sriniwas Gudipudi Sir( and Mr. Baaldev Krissh( both were amazing in training and delivering tonnes of knowledge to us.

Project | 03
Project 03 | Breaking the Comfort Zone

Now after completion of exactly one year due to some personal reasons I decided to break the comfort zone I was living in 9 to 5 job, learned nothing in the past year, decided to leave the firm as it was mutual they were lacking with new projects and I was looking for a change so leaving Hyderabad came back to Pune.

Now I was jobless and the decision was getting too much heavy to me but thanks to god I was not that much scattered started again the trainers profile but this time as a freelancer and after few days got another fixed-job in one of the firm in Pune this was the time I came into a live environment of the organization where I got so many new technologies to learn and so many Gyan to earn here.

Project | 04
Project 04 | Real Hands-On

Now, this was the year 2014 I think and I was collected so much of Gyan from so many places, meeting so many people, and then I got a chance to do something real hands-on ​adventures.

I was given the responsibility of movement of near around 500 people and some 15 servers to the new office on the organization and setting up the whole new network setup there in the new building after cabling layout all was mine and I was supposed to do that.

I did it so efficiently and migrated the whole office solely from the old location with zero outage and full connectivity which was a big achievement for me in the lifetime and was appreciated by my director Mr. Anis Shaikh.

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