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Clojure is a functional programming language used in AI and is a booming academic domain, but it is not yet being used for enterprise-level problems. As with any new technology, or even existing technology that is superior to what you currently use, or just different, one would think there would be at least some initial learning curve with Clojure. Many of us have grown accustomed to the syntax and design of other languages like Ruby and Python, and if you are working with Java or another mainstream or popular language, then you may be a bit more reticent to jump into Clojure.

Is Clojure New To You? The name might be familiar to you if you've tried some basic introductory programming courses in the past. Clojure is the implementation of a similar functional language that started at the University of Minnesota a few years ago. In terms of languages, Clojure is arguably one of the more popular functional languages in existence. You can find examples for many different languages, including Ruby and Python, but the Ruby and Python career option in IT.

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